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PSI/Publishers’ Services International, Inc. provides international sales and marketing support to an important group of Pre-school – Grade 12 supplemental, core-curriculum, library-reference and online publishers from the U.S. and selected other countries.

our role

For educational publishers considering export markets

PSI acts as the contracted export arm for educational publishers whose product line has export potential

Evaluate a product line for export potential

Determine export potential of a publisher’s product

research the likely customer base

Determining likely customers and users of the product 

match with potential distribution and retail partners

Pulling from our list of almost one thousand global distributors and resellers, PSI finds potential partners for a publisher to work with

establish a distribution and sales network

Once partners are found, PSI helps to foster agreements and set terms that are workable in a given market that will establish a global network channel 

Support and maintain the network once put in place

PSI does the necessary followups and keeps your products in front of your network and maintains the relationships through year-round contact, regional visits and appearances at trade shows


Our Process

Research & Analysis

Determine which products have export potential and then analyze which markets would be the best match for the products


Roadmap planning

Find potential distribution partners in different markets and, over time, build a network of regional distribution partners in different parts of the world


Establish & Maintain

Establish feasible terms between client publisher and distributor that will lead to a long-term relationship and continued export sales.  Maintain these relationships through year-round contact, regional sales trips, and representation at major trade shows


Trusted by ELT Publishers Around the Globe

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PSi/Publishers’ Services INTERNATIONAL, Incorporated is located in Austin, TX USA