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Good Luck Publishers

Classroom books from pre-K to 6th grade


“providing products of International quality at economical prices.

Good Luck Publishers Limited’s Mission is to provide its customers, products and services of international quality at economical prices. They follow the strict delivery schedules, thus, adhering to the highest company standards and ethics.

Good Luck Publishers Limited (an ISO 9001: 2015 company) (NSIC – CRISIL rating SE2B) and Vidyarthi Prakashan Limited have made their presence felt within a short span of time in the education domain as leading publishing houses of quality books.
We use environmental friendly technologies right from the research and commencement of a product to its manufacturing, sales and distribution. The policy of the company follows the commitment of implementing sound environment management of its procedures. Regular monitoring, evaluation, review and follow-up processes are conducted to ensure the company’s compliance with its environment policies.



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