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SChlager Group

Focused on primary sources in K-12 and university classrooms


“Customized designed collections for K-12 and college classrooms.

Schlager Group is an educational publisher with a focus on primary sources. Beginning with the 2008 publication of their flagship title, “Milestone Documents in American History,” Schlager Group has been dedicated to placing primary sources at the core of historical inquiry and research. Since then, they have created a wide range of diverse and accessible expertly curated document collections across U.S. and world history. These collections can be found in numerous award-winning reference titles, as well as their acclaimed electronic databases: Milestone Documents Online (designed for K-12 schools) and Milestone Documents Custom Sourcebooks (designed for college classrooms). Schlager Group’s publications aim to assist students and researchers in engaging with primary sources, developing historical thinking skills, and gaining a better understanding of the historical context of today’s world. In 2021, Schlager Group launched the “Schlager Anthologies for Students” series, providing authoritative collections on American history that are both urgent and inclusive.


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