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H.W. Wilson

Database and reference resources to serve libraries, schools and corporations.


“Database and reference resources to serve libraries, schools and corporations

H.W. Wilson Company is a prominent publisher and provider of reference materials, databases, and books primarily focused on academic and library resources.

H.W. Wilson Company was founded by Halsey William Wilson in 1898. Over the years, it became known for producing high-quality reference materials and databases used by libraries, researchers, and students.

H.W. Wilson creates subject-specific databases and indexes covering a wide range of academic disciplines, making it easier for researchers to find relevant articles and materials.

H.W. Wilson also publishes a variety of reference books, including encyclopedias, directories, and bibliographic works. These reference books are used by libraries and researchers to find authoritative information on various topics.

Electronic versions of their indexes, databases, and reference books are also available, making information more accessible to users online.

H.W. Wilson is printed and distributed by Grey House Publishing

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