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Grey House Publishing

Library publisher of reference materials on business, education, wellness, and more


“Reference materials for business, history and culture, health, and more.

Grey House Publishing is a publishing company that specializes in reference and educational materials. They produce a wide range of publications, including books, databases, and online resources, primarily in the fields of business, education, and library science. Grey House Publishing has a reputation for producing authoritative and comprehensive reference works that are used by libraries, academic institutions, and professionals.

Some of the key areas Grey House Publishing has focused on include:

  • Business and Economics: Reference books and databases on topics such as industry information, business directories, and statistical data.
  • History and current events:¬†Grey House Publishing has produced resources, including encyclopedias
  • Health and Wellness: Reference materials related to healthcare, such as directories of healthcare providers and resources for understanding medical conditions.

Grey House is also the publisher of Bowker’s Books in print, which has been delivering comprehensive, authoratative bibliographic information to publishers, libraries, and booksellers. With coverage of over 400,000 titles, Bowker represents the largest most comprehensive collection of bibliographic information in print.

Grey House Publishing also includes Salem Press and H.W Wilson in Print.


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