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“Exceptionally rich, thought-provoking, and high-quality issues-oriented content.

Greenhaven and KidHaven have long been known for their exceptionally rich, thought-provoking, and high-quality issues-oriented content. In-depth content encourages analysis, critical thinking, and the development of cognitive skills. For the upper elementary and middle school reader, topics and issues that resonate are presented in eye-catching full-color formats. Each season, dozens of brand new titles continue to uphold and extend these imprints’ commitment to student learning, skills acquisition, and civic and global awareness and engagement.

Greenhaven and KidHaven deliver unique perspectives that allow learners in K-12 and beyond access to a multiplicity of viewpoints and a depth of exploration in a wide variety of subject matter. This extensive array of offerings engages, challenges, provokes, inspires, and richly rewards the reader. When students are engaged by what they read and recognize its direct—even urgent—relevance to their lives, their comprehension skills increase as they enthusiastically set out on the road to lifelong reading and learning.



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