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“AR technology to bring print books to life for fun in the classroom

The best of print and digital, ARpedia uses AR to draw children into the books they read. From series for ages 4-middle school, these book series start from what children know first (their community) to a complete science class with over 100 science experiments. With Spotty the giraffe that plugs into any tablet the AR elements brings the books to life.

Arpedia offers the following series:

Into the Commmunity (ages 4-9)

Learn about your community! or Your community comes alive in a AR(augment reality) book!

Follow the stories about the community and do interactive activities using the markers.
Through various stories and interactive educational activities, readers can discover 5 different interesting facts about the places and people in the community.

Into the Curiosity Q  (ages 4-9)

The realistic exploration of universal knowledge

Through encountering vivid virtual experiences, the reader can enjoy learning a variety of universal knowledge.

AR Science Lab (ages 7-12)

130 interactive science experiments
you can enjoy with AR

Bring a science lab to your home with the AR Science Lab Series. You’ll find exciting and wonderful AR (augment reality) activities about Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science on each page. By using the experiment markers included, you can do AR science experiments or find out interesting facts about science on your own!





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